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I Am A Nanny: A true, personal story from the experience, I Believe Spanking Is a Perfectly Fine Way of Discipline. I have made it a point to never take a job unless the parents give me the permission to spank their children. They respect me more. I never heistate to spank. Yes bare bottom and make it hard enough t. How to Be the Best Nanny : Should Nannies Be Allowed to Spank? Lou. Age: 19. 1000/ 2 hr Green's hand covered most of John's chubby, teenage bottom cheeks. Yes they cry for a bit, but then it's over. We Should Be Allowed To Spank, Or Punish: A true, personal story from the experience, I Believe A Nanny Should Be Allowed To Spank Children. In today's society, things have become so hard for the Nanny. All these protection laws stop the Nanny from doing her job. Kids know they can get away with so much these days. Melissa. Age: 24. Can host John's Irish Nanny DD started making comments about "spanking" and I couldn't figure out where she'd even ever heard the term. Last night, I got a little more info out of her. She's and totally unreliable as a witness, but sounds like nanny has spanked her own kid (who is 2) while at our house, and has possibly spanked. Jul 30, - My Visit to Nanny My history with the spankings and women's footwear began at age five From that day on the soles of ladies footwear caught my eye and not forgetting the beautiful spankings I had received with the implement. I had spent fifteen years with these thoughts in my mind but felt that I would.

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Bridgette. Age: 28. Hello, I'm Jade This story involves the fictional spanking of a juvenile male by his parents. If you are a minor, or this type of story offends you please stop reading. The situations depicted in this story are fictional, any resemblance to actual persons or circumstances is coincidental. If this story is reproduced electronically, or otherwise, proper. Feb 7, - MSNBC Article Explains Spanking Linked to More Aggression in Kids. I am just going to assume that no nanny or au pair that reads this blog would ever consider spanking a child left in their care. But, in informal conversations I have heard plenty of in-home child care providers admit they would consider. I was good, I held nanny's hand and didn't leave her side. But Selena didn't listen and she ran away from nanny. "Selena get your little butt back here" nanny warned. Selena turned around and walked back over. Nanny looked in Selena's eyes. "Do you want a spanking little girl?" nanny asked. Selena shook her head fast.


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