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Nov 10, - While tolerance for nudity seems to be decreasing in North America — in changing rooms, anyway — that's not the case in northern Europe, where naked swimmers rinse off in coed showers before entering the pool and nude family saunas are a perfectly acceptable activity. Danes, who have family nudist. Naked in the dressing room for the gym? | The DIS Disney Discussion Forums - Katy. Age: 30. Independent escorts based in Istanbul, available for out call escort service Underthings are changed in the bathroom, and showers are rarely taken. Next thing I know, I look up and there before me is a totally nude, old man peeing in the urinal. Dec 27, - Here in Europe we usually are naked in the dressing room and we walk around naked around the showers as well. I don't always feel comfortable doing that . Well I would NEVER EVER shower naked in a Co-ed shower room, (and I most def. do not have a perfect body. I would say that those Swedish. Maratta. Age: 18. I love meeting new friends and love seeing my returning friends The Naked Truth May 4, - And I was naked. Here's the situation – I joined a new gym last month. In addition to the adult men's and women's locker rooms, there's a family locker room. It's coed, which sounds more weird than it is. The common areas – toilets stalls, sinks and hallways – are coed, but then there are private shower and. I think that, when in a mixed changing room, people should assume that others don't want to see, or their children to see, you naked. TBH I can't imagine, in a country where boys aren't allowed in women's toilets past the age of seven, that it's appropriate for adults to be stripping off in the family public area. I would assume if.

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Verena. Age: 22. Sweet pretty Asian lady providing massage service If it is high school aged kids, there probably shouldn't be any co-ed stripping down. At adult league though it doesn't really matter, at least here in MN. Guys will strip down but they aren't walking around the locker room. I personally don't go down to naked in a co-ed room. I will usually change my spandex. Come now, embarrassed when these players go to schools that have co-ed dorms where men and women are in each other's rooms at all hours? And suppose they are. There are bathrobes and towels to cover their inadequacies. So all you women writers want to go into the dressing room so you can peek at naked men. Feb 21, - I have no problems being naked in a ladies locker room. I don't understand why unisex bathrooms aren't the norm. I remember being patted down by male airport security in the Netherlands on various occasions and didn't even realize it was a little weird until I moved to the States. My gynecologist is a guy.


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