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She told me she's afraid to cause sometimes she feels like she's gonna piss herself, and I've had the same thing happen before. Join Date: Jun Location: In the weed jungles of SoCal. Posts: 2, chubbynugs is just really nice. only when im drunk and high and then ill usually just whip it out and. My rat pee's on me! Halle. Age: 26. Charismatic, hypnotic, intuitive, creative, demanding, sexy, feminine, sultry… i’m that goddess you’ve been searching for… If it's a little amount and regularly, she is either marking territory, or marking so she can find her way around. FedEx taking the piss. My Mammal Sauce is the best Mammal Sauce I spread Mammal Sauce on my wang. We make Mammal Sauce in Bill William's loft. And we eat a bucket of Tang. I love a good piss in the shower, but rarely take baths. My wife also pisses in the shower even when we shower together which is OK unless she's  Holy shit piss (Cranberries singer dead). Skyler. Age: 22. I am thus frank and natural offering my privacy ... I expect you to be respectful of that in advance thank you and see you soon! Announcement Not being biased here, some may find it disgusting, but can one drink their own piss without causing harm to their health? I mean afterall it's just This is not a troll. Many active metabolites are excreted in the urine and even some drugs are excreted intact without being metabolized. Not being biased  Urge to piss during intercourse please advice gf. May 19, - I am currenly on a mmt at a clinic where we give urine tests every month. A woman told me recently, that she drinks so much water that her results.

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Brandi. Age: 29. Please dont forget to send me your email address when contacting me Got a parcel from Italy with a value of 34 EUR including shipping via FedEx and it was delivered last week. Today I got a bill for clearing customs. And it's only my arms too, even after she's just peed she will pee right after that! I mean how many times can a rat pee in a AM #1 Default My rat pee's on me! Okay, so I just got a baby girl rat, Madisson, about 3 weeks ago. She's great, but the thing is every time she walks over my arms she pees on me! Apr 5, - Hiya! This is my first post here at the forums and I have a question. I recently acquired my very first rat in December. Her name is Angelina Doris and she is about eight months old. She is very sweet, a little jumpy but very adventurous. She doesn't spend much time in her cage as I prefer her to be outside.


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